Nusr-et, Aka "Salt Bae"
Salt Bae is a world-renowned chef who became a household name following the internet popularity of his flamboyant tactics for preparing meat.
I chose to create a vector illustration with a gritty texture in order for the style to be consistent with Salt Bae's branding and website, in which a color palette of red, white, and black, and the use of grittiness are both noted. 
One needs to look no further than Salt Bae's social media to notice his affinity for meat. This illustration purposefully uses the same color palette for both the raw steak and Salt Bae's heart to convey the chef's passion for his profession. 
Scroll down for more variations of this piece.
This is a "safer" version of this piece which simply shows Salt Bae displaying his signature move.
This variation depicts a world map behind Salt Bae, in which each city where one of the chef's restaurants can be found has been highlighted with a white spot.
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