When war broke out in my family's homeland in early 2022, I was inspired to create something powerful in honor of Ukraine. I was originally planning to pause creating art, until I saw a post from a Ukrainian blogger asking the opposite, unde the claim that artists were actually needed more than ever.
As a contrast to the vulnerability that millions of people were facing in having to abandon their homes, watch the destruction of their cities, and face the war crimes of the occupants, I wanted to create something empowering, something that would encapsulate the unity and determination that the Ukrainian nation was displaying. 
This is a Ukrainian themed Phoenix that is designed to showcase the nation's rebirth. I tell my non-Ukrainian friends that this war will cement the country's complete political and cultural separation from Russia, and from the destruction we will see the rebirth of a new nation, one that exhibits its own power and independent identity, similar to how a Phoenix rises from the ruins. The yellow body of the Phoenix doubles as the Ukrainian coat of arms.
Created on Photoshop. 2022.
Scroll down to a view a preliminary sketch.
(preliminary sketch)
The earliest phase of the process, as documented and photographed in my sketchbook..
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